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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

In a message dated 10/13/99 6:28:05 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We need to be more like the AIDS activists and "get in the faces" of the 
 general public.  Its not shameful to have Diabetes or to take care of it by 
 testing and injecting.
  I have a pump now, but I still test anywhere I want to! >>

Pat, I love it.  I too believe in testing anywhere, anytime.  To those of you 
that want to be discreet, I would like to address that.  As a child, I was 
discreet.  I was told I was just like everyone else and I could do whatever I 
wanted in life.  I grew up hiding my diabetes, but it did not prevent me from 
doing what I wanted.  However, I told noone about it because I did not think 
it was relevant to my position in any organization.  I think this is a bad 
attitude to have.  I have changed much since going on the pump.  I want that 
cure and I want it in my lifetime.  I am very upfront about my IDD because I 
have faced the fact that it IS a serious disease.  It has been shortchanged 
over the years due to misinformation and this layed-back attitude that most 
people with diabetes have.  
I went to the Rally for a Cure last year in Washington, D.C.  The most 
aggressive, outspoken advocates for a cure were parents of children with IDD. 
 They were fighting for their children's lives and their message was strong.  
I loved it.  I will never be quiet or discreet again.  I think this attitude 
has a negative impact on IDD research funding.  I encourage everyone to get 
involved with diabetes advocacy and make a difference.  I have been 
disappointed in the people with IDD that have been so complacent.  If we 
don't care, why should anyone else? 

In addition, this thing about making someone upset who can't stand the sight 
of blood is myopic.  If one of these people developed IDD tomorrow, would 
they faint every time they did a finger stick?  I don't think so.  We learn 
to deal with what we have to deal with.  If these people are really friends, 
they would understand that this is part of good diabetes management and even 
compliment you on your good control.  I don't resent people who make negative 
comments, I just don't respect them.  BTW, I do not prick my finger at a 
restaurant table and then sling blood everywhere.  Most of the time, noone 
even notices.  
Other people's hypersensitivity is their problem.  Get over your 
embarrassment about IDD.  It is time for us to be recognized and dealt with.  
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