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[IP] TEST IN PUBLIC, auto-experience, SOFTWARE

I got my MM 507C on Friday (October 1st) and on Sunday I went to
watch a marvellous show of dance in EPCOT with my  more-than-
marvellous wife Gina - for a long, long time I don't experience a
magnificent sense of liberty. The sound, the environment, the show,
everything could throw me towards the heaven (and it did) but the
liberty and freedom's senses were more than this - it means life.
A common sense that some lost but can recover with this small and
terrific electronic device.

Don't need to stop to eat something with vegetables at the right time
was a victory but the best was to come...

We went to that pavilion when there are the Brazilian representation,
the Scotch one, the Israeli one, the Swedish, etc... and a little bit before
9:00 PM we went to eat. I got something "like a tortilla" with chicken
(it was an Asian dish) and I figured the carbo counting, BUT...


BUT before eating we sat around the cafeteria's table and, as it's the
most normal stuff in the world, I pick my Accu-Chek up and tested my
blood sugar - surrounded of happiness I saw the display shows 148,
very close the target determined by my endo (150).

So I put in my data in the program I did (and it's inside a handheld that
I carry with the Accu-Check, the strips, the lancet and the glucose tablets)
and calculated the "set change" (blood sugar-based bolus) and... I did it.

How long? Two minutes. Discreet? Yes. Useful? For the life.

While beginning eating the bolus was loudless working.

Yesterday I went to change my Primary Care Physician and while waiting
for him I tested the blodd sugar (142 - nearby my new target, 140). You
don't need to show everyone what you are doing (testing) but if someone
see it will NOT be a problem. It's a compromise with yourself and with

Right now my basal rates are being set up - I can be in fasting for six
hours and the blodd sugar can stay around the target (140), sure, with
a small variation (110 to 150), and at night I got a couple of well
adjusted basal rates that are working very well (0.7 u/h from 10:30PM
to 3:00AM and 0.6 u/h from 3:00AM to 6:00AM). I think the main pump's
characteristic is the possiblity to be "almost" in fasting for a time and be
powerful to skip a meal - so the well adjusted basal rates are THE MUST
and ought to be well ajusted. We mustn't use the basal rates only to
correct blood sugar, but to keep it in safe patterns.

That's it folks. I have an amazing wife (I love you Gina) and an amazing
family in Sao Paulo, Brazil (my mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephews)
and in New York (mother-in-law and sisters-in-law) and I am continuosly
trying to improve the pump therapy - as an Electrical Engineer I just need
NOW, a job here in Central Florida.

LET'S PUMP - efficiently.

email @ redacted

P.S.: I programmed my handheld in order to, entering the carbos, the
target (it can vary), the carbo ratio (one for the breakfast, one for the
lunch and other for the dinner), and the blood sugar, have the outputs:

#1) the bolus; and
#2) the set change (the correct amount to go towards the target).

The first one is useful to determine how much you need to BOLUS in
yourself without eat (an unusual high blood sugar) while the second one
is useful in the meal.

Is someone interested in this software? I can not sell, i can not dispatch,
but I can DO exchange for a job indication :-)

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