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Re: [IP] Diabetes-attention getter??

email @ redacted wrote:

> I once heard through the grapevine, that a former friend of mine said 
> I worry too much about my stupid disease.

Sometimes people who don't have health problems truly don't understand
health problems. If a person LOOKS normal, then they think that person
is a hypochondriac. 

These people seem capable of understanding only what they can see: they
can acknowledge that a blind person or a wheelchair person needs special
devices to function in life, but when someone looks OK, but merely SAYS
he needs to do certain things to stay healthy, or SAYS he doesn't feel
well, they just can't make the connection.  

Sounds like this former friend is one of those people. Definite hole in
the comprehension ability.

So you have 2 choices with these people: either take the time to try to
educate them -- remedy THEIR learning disability --  or write them off.
Depends on how much you care about them. 

But you CERTAINLY shouldn't let it get to you! 

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