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[IP] nothing to do with D

Susan, who missed her flight yesterday, missed her flight today!!!!  Can I
have a nervous breakdown yet???  I got low last night (did like three set
changes in a row - and perhaps the .8 I use to fill a sil is too much and
the chain of three "too muches" in a row threw me low.  Anyways I couldn't
fall asleep (never can if I am low) got up tested, ate, still couldn't
sleep, tested again, ate some more.  Finally feel asleep at 2 (needed to be
up at 4:30) - sleep through two alarms and woke up low at 6:59 (amusing
since the flight actually left at 7)....

Sigh, somebody PLEASE pray that I get on the 5:45 - I think I could use ALL
the help I can get...


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