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Jenna tests whereever and whenever she needs to, but she always chooses to
test in the car before we walk into a restaurant.  It isn't as dirty as a
public restroom (usually, *sigh* but we are a family with kids), gives her a
little privacy.  Fortunately, with the pump, her sugars aren't likely to
change dramatically from then till she actually gets her food.  How many of
you test before you go to a restaurant?  We can't be the only ones who do

By the way, I am envious of all those wonderful blood sugars.  Jenna's last
3 days were:
Mon: 135, 258, 118, 52, 170, 161, 123
Sun:182, 61, 96, 103, 82, 86
Sat: 172, 171, 424, 53, 61, 252, 219
We rarely have a day without a 200+ sugar, despite diligent carb counting.
Her needs with activity are just too variable, plus there are all those
pesky growth hormones around for these 10 year old girls.

Nancy Morgan

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