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Re: [IP] Silhouette complaint

email @ redacted wrote:

> Am I missing something?  I use Disetronic Tenders (same as Silhouettes) and
> the "hole" where the cannula enters the skin is covered with a clear plastic.
>  The plastic covers the entire front half of the Tender--only the back
> section is the porous white mesh.  Are your Silhouettes different or am I
> missing the point here?

If you take a used set and look very closely at the place where the
cannula comes out of the button and goes into the plastic, and from
there into your body, you will notice that there is a little hole in the
plastic for the cannula to go through. It's not a solid piece. You can
move the cannula back and forth through the hole, and you can even take
it out of the hole. 

I'm not sure why the set is designed that way, but it really does leave
your cannula wound open to the air and water.
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