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In a message dated 10/13/99 8:04:16 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< After this meeting, my boss told me that was "unprofessional" 
 too and that I needed to find her to watch the Desk while I go and eat 
 something.  (Going to find her means I would be away from the Desk, too, but 
 she didn't have an answer for that >>

Wow Kristin.......what a dummy you have for a boss.   Surely the ADA has some 
information that would enlighten this pea-brain about how a person with 
diabetes has to manage her disease in the work place.  I never cease to be 
amazed at the audacity and ignorance of some people!    Its like she thinks 
you LIKE having DM!    She needs a sensitivity course in the worst 
way.....maybe you should contact Americans With Disabilities.

Hang in there,

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