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Re: [IP] Silhouette complaint

In a message dated 10/13/99 7:58:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< At 12:32 PM 10/13/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
 >I realized that what I don't like about Silhouettes is that the hole
 >where the cannula goes into your skin is wide open to the air and water >>
Am I missing something?  I use Disetronic Tenders (same as Silhouettes) and 
the "hole" where the cannula enters the skin is covered with a clear plastic. 
 The plastic covers the entire front half of the Tender--only the back 
section is the porous white mesh.  Are your Silhouettes different or am I 
missing the point here?
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