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[IP] Re: Research funding/Testicular Cancer

John, I don't think you meant testicular cancer affects 50% of men.  It is a 
cancer of young men and isn't that common, but enough so that we encourage 
self genital exams for young men just as we are trying to train women for 
self breast exams.  You may be more on the mark with prostate cancer.  One of 
the problems with that one is that it affects men so variably compared to 
many other cancers.

Regardless, the point is well taken, research funding does not appear to be 
done in a logical manner from a percentage of people affected by a disorder, 
by mortality percentages, etc., but seems to be very political in nature.  I 
think often we are so busy dealing with the day to day grind of dealing with 
this disorder in addition to being productive members of society, parents and 
whatever that it is difficult to find a way to do more.  It certainly must be 
that way for AIDS victems also, as well as cancer survivors, so that can't be 
a factor just for those of us with DM.  So again, it seems to require high 
profile activists, and maybe Nicole Johnson is just the "shot in the arm" 
(pun intended) that Diabetes needs.

Cheers.   Linda
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