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I was so glad to see the responses to this thread.  About a month ago I was 
working at a meeting where I pretty much sat at the "hospitality desk" and 
helped out our attendees.  One morning I was testing my blood sugar very 
early when no one was around, and my boss approached me and told me I needed 
to do "those kinds of things" in the bathroom because our attendees might 
think I was doing something else.  I was still on shots then.  She has seen 
me give shots and test my blood before, but that comment made it sound like 
SHE had a problem with it, so I asked her if she did.  She said no, but 
someone else might.  I asked if anyone had said something to her; she said 
no, but they might.  It made me angry.  I also ask friends to look away if 
they have a problem with watching me test my sugar or inject myself, and feel 
that if people have a problem with it or don't like it, they should look away.
No one has ever objected (except for an exboyfriend who would turn pale at 
the sight of a needle and broke up with me because of this), and not many of 
them even look away; they're fascinated by it.

I was so angry at my boss that I was tempted to contact someone about the 
Americans with Disabilities Act, because I have also had problems at these 
meetings I work where I'm supposed to be at this Hospitality Desk full-time 
and not leave it unattended, but I've needed to eat.  If I need to eat, I go 
ahead and eat.  After this meeting, my boss told me that was "unprofessional" 
too and that I needed to find her to watch the Desk while I go and eat 
something.  (Going to find her means I would be away from the Desk, too, but 
she didn't have an answer for that, just that I shouldn't eat at the 
Hospitality Desk.)  I never did contact anyone about it but I am still 
tempted.  I am very conscious of not being obvious about what I am doing when 
I test or inject; I make a point of doing it as quickly as I can as invisibly 
as I can.  I understand Megan's point of respecting people, and that is how I 
do it.  I would much rather do that than go into a dirty restroom.

Now that I am on the pump, I think it will be a little easier, but I still 
plan to test when I need to, where I need to.  Sorry this is so long.

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