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[IP] testing in public

Hmmm... I've ALWAYS been an open tester - at the gym, on the tennis court
(way back), in class, at a resturant, in line at disney - EVERYWHERE.  In
all those years I have gotten two memorable responses - actually only one -
at the gym, a sorority sister with saucer round eyes shrieked "what IS
that???"  It surprised me that she hadn't seen me do it before... I had a
roommate once that when I told her about D, said that she fainted watching
ER.  After that, I never tested/injected in front of her.  I never looked at
that an inconvenience.  If perhaps I had spent a LOT more time with her, it
may have bothered me but I never really thought about it.

Yesterday during a kickboxing class, I tested twice AND disconnected from my
BUTT (had suspended but once we started jumping around I wanted to take it
off take it off) and my friend ( a new one, so she is new to seeing these
things happen) asked me after class if I was okay (I quit after 45 min
because of a dropping trend) - and I told her why I stopped and she gave me
this look of disbelief - SHE NEVER EVEN SAW ME DO ANY OF THAT and I was
right next to her ;)

Don't ask, do.  If it bothers someone, don't do it again.

My $0.02,
Susan, bemoaning her 5:45 missed flight to SLC, Utah (and a reaction to an
allergy shot requiring an ephepdrine(sp?) shot, a fishtailing slide off the
road AND a parking ticket all in a six hour period) - let's pray she makes
it on time tomorrow (oh, and missing the flight had nothing to do with any
of the above)

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