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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

I lost three long-time friends this summer because they got together and 
decided that testing at a restaurant table was "rude" and I should go to the 

I knew two of these women for over 25 years........I still am amazed that a 
friend would want to make my life harder by banishing me to a public 
restroom.   Their reaction  was so very atypical.   Frankly, this experience 
made  me even more outspoken about diabetes and now when Im dining out with 
the friends I have left (I dont see the others any more) I announce that Im 
about to test and if anybody doesnt want to watch, THEY can go to the 

We need to be more like the AIDS activists and "get in the faces" of the 
general public.  Its not shameful to have Diabetes or to take care of it by 
testing and injecting.

I have a pump now, but I still test anywhere I want to!

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