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I understand how you can see that people can just look away. I understand 
that. I don't understand why so many people are talking about how is it not 
rude to test in public or that people should just look away. Yes, they may 
look away, but after to start to test and maybe realize that that is what you 
are doing.  They still get the chills after the notice what you are doing. I 
don't do it in public as much because of respect. Someone with allergies and 
has to use nasal spray does not do it at the table. I don't think that you 
should just whip out your meter and check anywhere, anytime.  People may 
understand, but to make like 3 people at a table took away while you do it, I 
think is ridiculous.  RESPECT people. You are the one that CAN do it 
somewhere else.  I am not trying to offend people but just stating how I feel.

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