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[IP] Re: Evelyn injecting 48 yrs.

We have something in common I have been on insulin same # of years.  Used to 
use a glass syringe which I boiled to sterilize every morning.  After a 
while, the needles were terribly dull.  I  started on pump therapy today with 
my Minimed 507C "Epiphany".  Arrived at the doctor's office at 9 a.m. and met 
two nurse educators.  At 10:40  using the sofset I started on the pump.  By 
Noon I was on my way home.  I brought my husband with me just in case I had 
any problems.  It has been more than six hours and all seems fine.  Will have 
to concentrate on carb counting and measuring and weighing.  I am Weight 
Watcher from way back on maintenance so with some practice I should be able 
to get better control. I won't miss the nightime lows I have experienced.  Am 
going to dash off a letter to Medicare pushing for coverage for seniors.  I 
know something is in the works for next April, but the sooner the better.  
Will talk to you again Evelyn.  I enjoy this networking device.
email @ redacted
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