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[IP] AIDS, diabetes, etc.

> Why are we even spending money on AIDS research??? We know its going to be extemely difficult, if not impossible, to cure.

Probably just what people were saying about diabetes around 1919.  We don't have a cure, but we have a heck of a lot more than we did.
The truth is this: you are alive because there are people who believe in "impossible" cures.

> The only thing that comes from prolonging the life of an AIDS patient is giving them the chance to infect more people!

If you are going to make statements like this one, don't also claim not to have anything against people with AIDS, when you obviously do have something against them.  It is not your right to determine whether someone else's life is worth living.

> Don't get me wrong, I don't hate AIDS patients, its a horrible way to die and they should at least be allowed to die with as little pain and suffering as possible, but I have little pity for them.

Imagine if you said that in terms of diabetes!  "Well, too bad you got this disease--Life's a b----!  Since it will probably eventually kill you, there's really no use treating it.  The only thing that could come from prolonging your life is the possibility that you might have a kid and  pass you defective gene on to others.  Here's some morphine to keep you comfy on your way out."

And I don't know if people with AIDS really want your pity.  I certainly don't want people to pity me because I deal with a chronic, potentially fatal illness.

>  People who got it through transfusions or some other innocent way deserve our sympathy and help,
> but the truth is most people don't get it that way-they get it from irresponsible behavior.

Many AIDS activists, including the late Elizabeth Glaser, who founded the Pediatric Aids Foundation, lost her daughter to AIDS, and then died of it herself, would tell you that no matter how one gets AIDS, one deserves compassion and good treatment.  And hey--look what she was able to accomplish because her life was "prolonged"!

And guess what--lots of people end up with complications of diabetes because of "irresponsible behavior".  Lots of people here on this list talk about their own irresponsible behavior at one time or another in their lives--years of no testing, eating with wild abandon, rebelling against their bodies--before they saw the light and took charge of their health.  Would you deny them a right to treatment?

I know this list is not a forum for discussing other diseases, but there is profound relevance to diabetes here.  Taking a judgmental stand against someone because they suffer from an illness is dangerous.

We can advocate for ourselves and our rights and our funding without dragging other people down in the process.  In fact, we might even want to drag them up with us.


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