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[IP] my disease is better than yours! nah nah nah!

In response to all the hoopla over how money goes to fund research. . .

There are plenty of famous diabetics.  Mary Tyler Moore and Nicole Johnson are the
first two who come to mind in terms of activism and voice-raising about diabetes.
But actress Halle Berry is diabetic, as was actress Dana Hill, who died from
diabetic complications.  There are many, many more.

I want diabetes research, and I'd love to have diabetes cured.  But I can't jump on
the bandwagon to say, "Fund diabetes instead of AIDS!"  Or any other disease, for
that matter.  If a cure doesn't come in my lifetime, I can still live a decent life
with diabetes.  There are countless other diseases whose victims do not yet have
that possibility.  A disease that makes life unbearable for 800 people should be
researched, just as one that makes life difficult for millions should.  I am
grateful for each development that puts us closer to a cure or makes my day-to-day
life easier.  And I'm thrilled that advances are being made in the prevention and
treatment of cancer, CF, MS, AIDS, etc.

If I had been born 50 years earlier, I would have died from diabetes almost
immediately.  I may still die from it, but I'm sure as hell gonna enjoy the

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