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Subject: [IP] First vacation since dx'ed

Hi Laura,
We had a wonderful trip to Disney World in May.  The only thing about flying
that bothered Jenna's diabetes is that it's a long time without much
activity - so her sugars were slightly higher than usual.  Be sure to call
the airline and ask for a diabetic meal, so she doesn't have to skip things
on her tray, if it's a flight with a  meal.  And, despite your "nerves"
about starting the pump, remember that once she starts the pump, you don't
have to skip ANYTHING.

Disney World is extraordinarily accomodating about diabetes needs.  Tell
them you need to freeze your ice packs, and they will do it for you.  Also,
there are a number of first aid stations in each park, and they will let you
keep insulin there if you need to.  In October though, it's not so hot, so
it probably won't be a problem to not have the insulin refrigerated at all
at the park.

We thought Jenna would get low with all the extra walking, but there's a lot
of standing in line at Disney, and she really didn't need  extra carbs for
the activity (except the day we spent at Typhoon Lagoon, that's another
story).  But, have some quick carbs with you just in case.

Have a great time.  It'll be easier next time when you go, 'cause she'll be
on the pump by then!

Nancy Morgan, mom of 10-year-old Jenna

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