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Re: [IP] First vacation since dx'ed

In a message dated 10/13/99 1:08:32 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
Hi there

Main suggestion -- have a good time!!!! Be sure to take more money than you 
think you'll need. And "Small World" is great for a rest.

I've tromped over Disneyland with a 5 y/o grandson (I was on shots -- used 
pens) in October and all over Disney World with a 5 y/o granddaughter (on a 
pump) in January. I found that Disney has frozen juice pops and fresh fruit 
at stands around the parks. I carried some peanut butter crackers, glucose 
tabs and Lifesavers with me, but that was about it. 

About keeping the insulin cool, I don't believe the weather in Orlando will 
be that hot in December. It was *perfect* in early January. But, to address 
your concerns -- I'll bet the hotel will keep the ice packs frozen for you. 
An alternative would be to take a small Thermos bottle, fill it with ice and 
water for a bit to chill it, pour that out, wrap your insulin in a napkin or 
washcloth and put it in the Thermos. Thermoses hold cold as well as they do 
heat. :-)

I also rented a stoller for my 5-year-olds. They didn't stay in it much, but 
it was handy for when they got tired. It was even handier, however, for 
holding all my paraphernalia so I didn't have to lug backpacks and purchases 
all over the parks. 

Please tell Mickey I said "hello." He's my mouse!


<< We are leaving for our first vacation since Laura was dx'ed 12/21/98 
 World).  Any suggsetions, anything I may not be thinking about?  What about 
 flying?  Anything weird happen when you fly with your sugar levels?  I'm 
 bringing extra of everything.
 One concern: we will have a refrigerator in the hotel room, but I don't 
 think a freexer.  How do I freeze my icepack to put in our insulin pouch to 
 keep the insulin cool while we are walking around the parks.  Any 
 suggestions? >>
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