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Re: [IP] Motivation?

In a message dated 10/13/99 11:45:10 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<To those of you who test 6-8 (or more) times per day, count carbs 
faithfully, and maintain fairly consistent control since going on your pump, 
what is your motivation?>>

Because it so often enables me to have normal blood sugars, and I feel so 
good with normal blood sugars.  So often in the previous 44 years, I felt bad 
no matter what I did, and it was so frustrating to weigh and measure food and 
keep to exact meal times and exercise times and still not feel good because 
of glucose excursions.  So it was much easier to rationalize not trying.  
When home blood glucose monitoring came out, it gave me a feeling of power 
which enabled me to get much better control, but even with the normal HA1cs 
of recent years, I never felt as good as I have in the year on the pump with 
my A1cs hardly lower but so many fewer excursions.

I test between 9 and 10 times a day and have gotten into the mindset that I 
use boluses to cover what I eat and basals to cover the way I am today, 
rather than eating to cover the insulin and leading my life to match the 
longacting peaks.  So testing is power, not something to be avoided.  And the 
more info I have from carb counting, the more power I have.  Enough to 
sometimes even keep almost normal during attacks of gastroparesis.
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