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George and Pat,

I couldn't agree more!!! I stopped testing in restroooms years ago -
when I found myself sitting on the commode (this bathroom didn't have a
vestibule area) with my supplies apread across my lap thinking to myself
"this is nuts! - here I am opening my finger and then injecting in the
dirtiest possible place!"

I now test proudly in public - not making a show but no attempt to mask
what I am doing.  If people stare, I stare back.  Sometimes I feel like
saying - "if I didn't HAVE to do this - do you really think I would?" 
But then again - some people are so clueless.  I also got into a dispute
this past summer with a neighbor over testing in front of her children
at a neighborhood gathering - who would never had noticed what I was
doing until she shouted across the patio "You're not going to do that
HERE, are you?"  I was off in a corner but once she drew attention to
me, the whole group turned and stared.  I was mighty mad and said - "I
sure am!"  I waited until everyone got over themselves and the kids were
out of the vicinity and went about my business.  There was absolutely no
reason for this, as I was being discreet. Needless to say, they are not
invited to my next gathering - in my home, because I will not be
chastised for doing what I need to do.

I think we all need to let people around us know that this is a medical
need - not a novelty - how many people have asked if they could test
themselves using your supplies and meter?  After hearing from you guys,
I plan to be BUMPIER than ever!  I am active in fundraising and would be
willing to speak out to anyone who doesn't get it!

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