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Re: [IP] Straight to the pump?!

>Greg Felton wrote:
>      If someone out there has skipped the multiple daily injections
>  step, I am jealous (I think I am in the 30,000 club here or something
>  like that after 24 years of T1) but also a little worried. I think you
>  should have to go old school MDI for at least a year before the pump!
>  For that matter, go back to Clinitest tablet tests before you can use
>  a Lifescan meter.
>  Damn you young kids!

I think this a comment on life in the 20th century. Can many of us 
appreciate life without TV or VCRs or without remote controls and 
microwaves? Probably not. I remember when there was only radio and TV was 
something brand new. My son thinks that life without TV is unimaginable. 
That's life nowadays.

So, new diabetics going on the pump directly would be the same way. Yes, us 
"old timers" would recall the bad-old days, but time and technology move 
on. I personally would be glad that the new members of the diabetic "club" 
could have less pain and privation than we had. Even better, maybe the next 
generation won't have to worry about long term diabetes at all!!


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