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Re: [IP] last 3 days of bgs?

> Hello camel lady.  Those look like pretty good BGs foran oldtimer
> like me, but they seem a bit low for a child.  Three bGs lower than
> 60 in 3 days is living dangerously.  You might want to consider a
> bit higher level to shoot for.  Then when things seem better
> controlled and in a safer range, you maybe could tweak it a bit
> lower. 

To moderate that view, Lily commonly has swings like that 
which are primarily due to activity. We HAVE raised her targets with 
a resulting A1c over seven now, but the swings continue unless she 
stops sports (unacceptable). The question becomes -- are the lows 
recognized and is function impaired. If lows are consistently 
recognized and there is no impairment, then a rapid correction is OK 
in my book. I certainly don't want to see A1c's go higher yet at our 
house or force my daughter to discontinue her sports activities which 
she enjoys immensly.

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