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Re: [IP] It's here and I'm petrified!

>  The softset needle looks so long!!!  I
> didn't think it was a needle!?? Is it??!! I need to get this all out
> before I see my daughter later.  I don't want her to sense my
> hestitation.  I already warned my husband as to what to expect.  She
> is only 6 and for her sake I will get over this.  
The sofset is likely not appropriate for your daughter unless she is 
pretty chubby. I have not seen the sofset-micro. Many kids use the 
Silohette aka Tender aka Comfort set. Those are about 1.5 inches long 
and more intimidating. All those sets have an introducer needle which 
is removed after the set is in place.

For a 6 year old you should use EMLA cream. It is a topical 
anesthetic that is applied 30 - 45 minutes before the insertion and 
makes the site go to sleep. Get a prescription from your endo or 
pediatrician. There are sets from Disetronic that work well with 
small kids -- specifically the 6mm rapids. Unfortunately, i don't 
believe they are yet available with a quick disconnect. Again, I've 
not seen the new SofSet  Micro which may have addressed these issues 
with small people. Call MM immediately and get some samples of both 
the micro and the silohette. Might be worth calling D and getting 
some "rapid" samples as well.

>  She won't be going
> on it until mid-Nov so I guess we have time to get accustomed to it,
> although I'm sure time will fly.  Just had to get this off my chest.
>  I'm at work and no one here can relate.  T

Laura will do fine.

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