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Re: [IP] Basal Rates / Disetronic Cartridge

> First - I am fairly confident that 1 unit of Humalog will lower my
> blood glucose by 40 points. Is there some way to translate this into
> what a 0.1 unit per hour change in basal rate would result in?

Yes, fairly easily. Use the tool on the IP site on the HOWTO page 
titled "Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator'. It will show you in 
"Graphic" detail what such a change will do (pun intended).

> Second - I am using the Disetronic pump. After filling a cartridge,
> I noticed that there was some Humalog in between the 2 o-rings at
> the bottom of the cartridge. Is it safe to use this cartridge?
The same sort of problem exists with MM syringes as well. There are 
two possibilities. The cartridge is out of spec and not round (oval) 
 -- not likely but possible -- or the lubricant is not spread out 
enough -- more likely. Make sure to twist and push the plunger up and 
down once or twice to spread the lubricant before you load the 
cartridge. What you have is a small internal leak. I probably will 
not be a problem unless you see the quantity continue to grow. If it 
does, this is insulin you are not receiving as it is being pushed 
into the space rather than down the tube.

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