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Re: [IP] It's here and I'm petrified!

I just opened my Minimed package containing my daughters 508 pump!  It looks
very intimidating.  The softset needle looks so long!!!  I didn't think it
was a needle!?? Is it??!! I need to get this all out before I see my
daughter later.  I don't want her to sense my hestitation.  I already warned
my husband as to what to expect.  She is only 6 and for her sake I will get
over this.  But I have so many fears right now.  The pump inself is larger
than I anticipated and/or remember it to be.  Maybe because I saw it on
adults and teens.  Holding it in my hand, it appears large.  She won't be
going on it until mid-Nov so I guess we have time to get accustomed to it,
although I'm sure time will fly.  Just had to get this off my chest.  I'm at
work and no one here can relate.  Thanks.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano
Mother of Laura, age 6, dx 12/21/98

Hi Laura. At first sight the needle actually appears big - and it's is.
Using the introducer it won't be tough to insert, altough while the
needle inside the cannula yet it really isn't good - BUT you will take
the needle off and only the cannula will remain. I am thin and it works
well to me, mainly the Ultimate Quick-Release - firmer than the
Silhouette. Surelly isn't easy for a kid... but let's pump!
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