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Re: [IP] Basal Rates / Disetronic Cartridge

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, but have been reading all of the IP posts with
great interest.

The last time I posted something to the list (about a month ago), I was
serious problems getting adjusted to the pump. Well, I'm very happy to be
to tell you that I am finally making some progress. I now have my basal
fairly well set and am currently trying to confirm my carb ratios. I think
turning point for me was accepting the fact that the pump was going to make
things better for me, but not make them perfect. Also, the support I
from many people on this list helped my mindset tremendously.

I have two questions that I hope someone can help me with ...

First - I am fairly confident that 1 unit of Humalog will lower my blood
by 40 points. Is there some way to translate this into what a 0.1 unit per
change in basal rate would result in?

Second - I am using the Disetronic pump. After filling a cartridge, I
that there was some Humalog in between the 2 o-rings at the bottom of the
cartridge. Is it safe to use this cartridge?

Thanks again for all of your help!

== Steve ==

Hi Steve - actually if there is insulin between the 2nd O-ring and the
it appears a leakage that passed through the 1st one until the bottom...
I would change the cartridge. Anyway how did you proceed to set your basal
rates up? I think that this is the insulin pump's main point, the proccess'
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