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Re: [IP] Two weeks pumping!! V/H mix

Hi Annette,

Good luck to you and Josh.  Erica has been pumping now almost 7 months
and we thought after 2.5 months that we would have to give it up as the
sites started lasting only 24-36 hours.  We were devastated.  Some great
tips from the IP led us to start mixing insulins and that saved our
sanity!  We use Regular and Humalog at a mix of approx 1:5. Her endo
figured that anything was worth a try, and to let her know how it
worked.  She was surprised to hear of our success, happy for us, and has
passed the word along to other pumpers.  I have also informed our
Minimed rep about mixing, & putting air in the syringe to get that last
bit of insulin out when you have an empty syringe.  Just passing along
the tips to people who should know <g>

I am sure mixing will work for you too!!

Barb....Erica's still elated mom :-)

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