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Re: [IP] Warning: test more than once

On 12 Oct 99, at 20:18, Jane B Reese wrote:

> I also got a Fast Take from a person on this list, used it 2 days, and
> haven't used it since!  They tell you in the brochure that comes with it,
> that it will give you higher numbers.  I have a persistent problem with
> hypoglycemia, so I may take it (testing) more seriously than other list
> members.  I use a One Touch Profile - but I used my old One Touch for
> years, until they stopped making strips for it.  If your insurance is like
> mine, they won't pay for a meter (is that TOO ridiculous for words??) but
> they will pay for strips.  Get a meter you can rely on!  

I've used a Fast Take for over a year now, and only infrequently get 
wrong numbers, same as I would get with any other meter not used 
correctly.  Yes the Fast Take does report Plasma values which are 
higher, you must take that into account if you are running closer to 
the edge, Jane.  But I DO take my testing seriously.  One of the 
reasons I like the Fast Take, besides the capillary action and the 
non-reflectance readings, is that it is small and data capable.  
When I get an incorrect reading from misapplied sample, I just run 
another one. And with a 15 sec. reading time, I usually can use the 
same puncture for another sample.  Oh, and I haven't paid for a 
meter in almost 20 years, most are given away to regular users.

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