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[IP] Straight to the pump?!

I haven't really paid attention to the posts from new pumpers as much as I would like, but I wondered if anyone out there was recently diagnosed and went straight to the pump.
    It would certainly seem probable these days, but with all the problems people have with doctors and insurance delays, it doesn't seem likely.
    If someone out there has skipped the multiple daily injections step, I am jealous (I think I am in the 30,000 club here or something like that after 24 years of T1) but also a little worried. I think you should have to go old school MDI for at least a year before the pump! For that matter, go back to Clinitest tablet tests before you can use a Lifescan meter.
Damn you young kids!
(age 29, T1 for 24)
P.S. If some kindhearted soul who is computer literate can help me keep my computer from printing in this "MIME format" or whatever, I would be very greatful. You whippersnapper.