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[IP] water under tape???

Okay guys - this is a new one.  Usually I don't put a tape over my set, but
if it is above the waistline, it seems to come loose a lot earlier so I
threw a tagaderm over my silouette this morning.  Just got back from a very
sweaty time at the gym - happened to check it (it's on my rib cage) and
there are water bubbles UNDER the tape!  YIKES!  I thought these things were
porous?  The "fabric" of the sil looks damp, and several areas have teeny
tiny bubbles, like you the ones you thump out of the reservior.  The largest
bubble is close to the size of my pinky nail.  Is this an infection risk?
Do I change it?  IS THIS NORMAL???

Sigh... please reply to email @ redacted (I'm on digest) - I would really
like to know before I go to bed whether to change or not  (yes, I check at
2/3 if I do a late set change).  Intuition says yes, but I hate to throw
away a set that has only been in for <12 hours...


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