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[IP] Laser lancet clarification

The concept for the laser lancet is still at the beginning stage. The
idea is to offer a product that is the size of the current pokers or
smaller that would also reduce cost for some especially those who don't
have insurance coverage for lancet's. The result of burning smell would
most likely be present because of the action of the laser, however the
integrity of the skin around the fingers would benefit from laser's as
opposed to pokers. As an individual you would have ot decide if it was
worth it for you. The laser that is being presented for design would
allow for really unlimited testing for 5 years warranted, and
conceptually keep working beyond that for an unspecified amount of time.

I am going to forward everyone's comments as I get them even the funny
ones and they can decide if they think it has value and want to poor
money into the project. All this company does is research, development
and design. I am encouraged though that they are asking real diabetics
instead of marketing people.

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