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RE: [IP] college and diabetes

I could try to answer any college questions as well.  I'm a senior (and a
"true" senior at that).  I spent 2 years in the dorms, and this is my
second year off campus.  I'm currently living with roommates #6 and 7 (and
this is the first year I've lived with more than one at a time).    The
first 2 and 2/3 years, I did MDI (started with the traditional 2 shots of R
and N, and gradually went to pumping in April of this year).

I've had the good roommates and the bad.  Roommate #1 was very interested
in all physical aspects of diabetes, and alway asked questions (and still
does when I run into her).  Roommate #2 was very quiet by nature, and
really didn't ask much, she really didn't talk much.  However, whenever I
got low when I was sleeping, she would either wake up if she was sleeping
or notice if she was awake because I would be "sleeping wierd".  She never
could describe it but did learn very quickly that it was a lot easier to
just hand me a juice and tell me to drink it than asking me if I was low.
She never was wrong, this probably happened 5 times in the 6 months we
lived together.  I'm not quite sure if Roommates #3 and 4 ever found out,
the two of them combined were there less than 48 hours.  Roommate #5 was...
difficult.  Not with my diabetes, but among other problems she was suisidal
and added stress in my life.  Roommate #6 I was friends with before I lived
with her (she was supposed to be Roommate #2, but it got messed up).  At
first she would leave the room everytime I tested my bg (but always
encouraged me to do so) and injecting.  She has slowly got better about
this (she now doesn't flinch at all when I whip out my meter, and towards
the end of MDI she could tolerate me injecting near by).  Roommate #7 is
good, he learned how to inject glucogen if needed and helps me insert sets
in my arm when I'm so possessed.

I had a microfridge in my room, and kept my insulin in it after I had
"tested" the area I was planning on keeping it in with a very small glass
of water to make sure it dosen't freeze.  Roommate #6 always is joking how
she is forever grabbing the bag with my insulin instead of the bag of fruit
(I keep it in the fruit drawer, it kept falling out of the butter dish).
My biggest problem with the fridge thing was to remember to stock up on
breakfast foods towards the end of the week because the food commons did
not open until 11am on the weekends.  Also, once when I lost my ID and was
on just two shots and needed to eat NOW, I had to use my roommate's ID
(they just swipe it, they don't look at the picture) to get a meal, then I
went back and found mine and she used it in return.

As far as being high at night, or at any time, my two years in the dorms
were on floors where there was only a "floor" bathroom.  Now, my first year
the bathroom was locked, so I had not only walk down the hall but remember
my keys.  First off, for me it is a lot worse having to find your keys and
walk down the hall to pee at 4 am than it normally is to just pee.  This
was added motivation to keep my bg down, that is what was the final "push"
to start a 3rd injection.  

I go to a VERY big university (60,000).  Up until I got accepted into my
program (there are 54 of us in my graduating class), I could name
classmates/professors who knew I had diabetes.  I am VERY open about my
diabetes in most respects, but saw no reason to tell people who were in my
life for 10 weeks something like that.  Now everyone (classmates and
professor) knows. (and they have "used" it LOL when classmates had to
presention (that involved the rest of the class' participation) something
that vague involved D, instead of preparing an explaination of D, they
called on me to explain-- everyone including the prof knew what was
happening and laughed)

dx 10/24/94 MM507c 4/6/99

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