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Re: [IP] 20/20 show

ABecause there isn't enough money to fund it all and Diabetics seem less
>politically powerful.
>Bob Blakely
>email @ redacted

I have to admit  for how large the Diabetic community is  Most diabetics 
are VERY "low toned" on the subject.  They don't want to speak up or make a 
wave.  I think most people see Diabetes and AIDS in 2 different 
lights   either controllable (diabetes) , and DEADLY (AIDS)  which is Far 
from the truth .  Diabetes is not controllable  no matter how well our BG 
stay we can still be killed off piece by piece.  This is what I think We 
all need to shout about.   DIABETES and AIDS both KILL   but diabetes 
KILLS  MANY MANY more than AIDS  (don't get me wrong  Aids needs allot of 
funding i just think diabetes should funded the same amount).

REMEMBER 1 diabetic Yelling is louder than 1000 Diabetics that don't 
yell..  Raise awareness and lets fight for what we deserve!!!

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
Mailto:email @ redacted
Home Page at http://www.geocities.com/hotsprings/falls/3564

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