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[IP] re: neg. point of mm

hey all
 I am a MM user and I love(d) them but here is my
opinion..they do NOT always follow through with what
they say, even if you call back and they agree to
again, and b. not all reps are nice..some are pure
salesmen and I personally don't liek that..i have
noticed that with Disetronic reps/trainers too..but
there ARE great trainers out there who are not
salesmen, those are in my opinion the ones people
like. I liked my trainer and luckily she wasnt a
salemen, but i have met some who had they trained me I
wouldn't hvae been happy.
 Ok, took the psats..2 of us, not bad...well, my alarm
didn't go off this am and i was low..first in 6
days..i was 50! 194 right b4 the test, very dazed..so
stressed lately over bg and stuff. I have come to the
conclusion.>I want a break ...don't we all, and
testing often isn't helping me. I've cut down a lot
lately and so far these are the numbers..
 3am 108
 6am  50
 7:30 194
 9:50 279--correction
 12:05 322--lunch
 2:45--354...no, i don't like checking that much, the
7:30 was i didn't want to take the psats being low,
the correction was because i felt sick..that was right
after the test, lunch was late today. and 2:45 i was
/am not feeling great..and yes, i corrected. 6.5
units. I think my body hates me, but guess what..who
cares anymore. I can't keep getting upset, it's been a
few weeks, things have only gotten worse and are
clearly out of my hands, so there.
 Happy Tuesday..(too bad it ain't Friday!)

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