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[IP] Re: 20/20 show

>Nobody deserves to suffer or die from a horrible disease, no matter what the >cause.

I agree, no one deserves to die from a horrible disease, including AIDS,
Parkinson's, cancer, or diabetes. I don't believe that I said
otherwise.  However, I get a bit fed up with the "political correctness"
issue. It is not pc to say anything negative about AIDS, but the truth
is: people can prevent AIDS and they don't by behaving irresponsibly,
and people who do behave responsibly end up paying for it. I was raised
to believe that you should take responsibility for your own actions. I
think that there is a large segment of the general population who would
agree with this statement but is afraid to speak up because they are
afraid that since it is not pc, they will be criticized (and they
usually are).
As far as complications from diabetes, its obvious that taking care of
it can reduce the chances of having them. But it doesn't mean that they
can be prevented 100% (or even close to it).
In a perfect world, there would be plenty of money for research on all
illnesses. But I don't see that happening any time soon. Just because a
lot of famous people have AIDS and have made it pc to support AIDS
causes doesn't mean that a AIDS patient should have 200 times more money
spent than a diabetes patient (or any other patient).  Likewise, I don't
think it would be fair to have 200 times as much money spent on a
diabetes patient than an AIDS patient.  However, the AIDS lobby is
trying to get even more money, and they have no problem with having that
money come from funds which could be used to help treat other diseases. 
We should be fighting for a more equitable distribution of the available
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