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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

>>This year, two children were found dead in the morning
>>by their parents. One was 12 and the other I don't
>> recall. Both incidents were reported on the list.
>>They went low in the night and didn't make it.
>This scares the hell out of me!!!!  Were these kids on pumps or multiple
injections?  Were there malfunctions on the pump?  Too high basal rates?
Just those unexpected lows?  I'd like to know some details.

One of the kids was a friend of ours...Arwin was 14, had been diabetic for
about 4 years, and was trying to convince her endo to put her on a pump (we
left the same endo earlier because he was so anti-pump). Her control was
excellent, especially since she was looking forward to getting her learner's
permit (she died the day before her 15th birthday...in CO you can get a
learner's at 15yr, 2 mo). Her day had been a "vanilla" day...no unusual
exercise or foods, etc. As well as her parents were able to figure, she had
talked on the phone that evening until about 10pm and was fine. She went to
sleep, apparently went very low, the doc said she then suffered a heart
attack and died. Her parents are still struggling (this happened end of May
'99), understandably. Really restored the "fear of diabetes" for me and
served as a tragic reminder not to become complacent.

Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98

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