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[IP] college and diabetes

I remember when I was applying to college and had a few interesting 'diabetes' 
related incidents (this was PRE-pump at application: got it my last year 
there...yet another long story).

I applied early admission to RPI and was told (via phone) that I was first 
student accepted (YEA!) but I never got paper acceptance letter.  After two 
months of confusion I finally got the nerve to call.

RPI's admission office noted that I said in application I was a diabetic.  
They needed a letter from my physician allowing me to keep all of my supplies 
in nurses office since 'the drug problem on campus is very bad and we don't 
want anyone stealing your syringes for shooting up'!!  This  convinced me 

I was accepted to Cornell where they didn't seem to care about my health.  
When my father and I went to the campus clinic to ask about doctors and 
medical care on campus the nurse listened to my story (diabetic since age two, 
needs three shots a day and takes care of himself) and went to the back and 
announced: "There's some guy who's father is allergic to needles who wants to 
know about our medical policy on new students'.  With this statement I decided 
that I was going to Cornell (if they were that messed up in they're medical 
department they had to be equally messed up elsewhere, thus allowing me to go 
and graduate without problems).

Only problem I ever had was when I got the pump (anceint AutoSyringe 6) the 
doctors on campus were so afraid of insulin freezing in winter they gave me an 
on campus handicapped parking sticker (which I promptly began using to park in 
middle of campus where not even professors were allowed to).....


by the way: make sure roomates know 'enough' about diabetes.  This may be key 
to staying OK.  Also: call home often to let them know you are alive (yes, 
it's a pain but consider what mom and dad did for you all these years....).

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