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[IP] Meters are mechanical devices: nothing more

I had my own fond words for my meter Sunday afternoon.  Took a sugar around 
3:00 PM (just to check) and it came out at 34!  Telling everyone that I had to 
eat quick and get out of way, I stopped for a second and thought 'Gee: I have 
no reason to beleive I WOULD be 34....take it again'.

Sure enough: repeat test 94!!  Just to get an average the third test (after 
careful washing of hands and drying) was 121!!

Just goes to show: the meter and the pump and all connected are machines.  Our 
bodies are NOT!!

Treat with caution

by the way: I went to the orthopedist who prescribed the support shoe for the 
charcot foot yesterday.  He was very happy with my progress: he actually said 
that he expected a little bit of inflamation in the foot once I put the shoes 
on and thank G-d there isn't any!!  After the whole deal I (and a few letters 
and whatnot from other Charcot people):

ANYONE WITH INFLAMED FEET get to a diabetic orthodpedist IMMEDIATELY and 
suggest charcot, expecially if they haven't found what it is and have been 
playing medical volleyball for a while!

I hit 38 years diabetes next month (less than four weeks away now).  Do I get 
a year (month, day, hour, minute, second) off for somewhat good behavior at 


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