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Re: [IP] college and diabetes

I went away to college for 2 years, and yes, I had one of those little
refridgerators.  It's best to get the slightly bigger one, I think it was
5cubic feet or something, and then just store the insulin as far away from
the freezer section as possible.  Another alternative is to store a bottle
or two that you are currently using in your room(if it has air) and give the
rest to your RA- that's what they are there for.  Going away to college as a
diabetic is probably the most stressful time of their life, with all the
problems and decisions they have to make, but it's worth it!


><when these kids go off to college...where do they put the insulin?  in a
><refridge in the dorm room?  these stupid things are so unreliable as far
><temp. control.  I have actually had to throw out insulin because in a
><fridge the damn thing froze!

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