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[IP] 20/20 show

Did anyone else catch the 20/20 last night where they discussed funding
for medical research? 
WARNING--the following is lots of complaining and may offend some people
(even tho it isn't intended to).
They said that each year research for AIDS gets about $2000 per patient,
but research for diabetes get only about $20 per patient. AIDS got the
most funding of any disease, even more than heart disease, the number 1
killer (AIDS is something like number 12). This really ticks me off! Why
are we even spending money on AIDS research??? We know its going to be
extemely difficult, if not impossible, to cure. On the other hand,
things like diabetes and parkinsons have a much better change of being
cured. Diabetes affects more people in this country than AIDS and breast
cancer combined, yet both of those groups get far more money than
diabetes. Not only that, but we already know how to stop AIDS! Its 100%
preventable! There are plenty of programs giving out free condoms and
clean needles, there is no excuse for the way that this disease is
spreading. The only thing that comes from prolonging the life of an AIDS
patient is giving them the chance to infect more people! A diabetic or a
parkinsons patient isn't going to infect a bunch more people.  Don't get
me wrong, I don't hate AIDS patients, its a horrible way to die and they
should at least be allowed to die with as little pain and suffering as
possible, but I have little pity for them.  People who got it through
transfusions or some other innocent way deserve our sympathy and help,
but the truth is most people don't get it that way-they get it from
irresponsible behavior.
I've always thought it was in poor taste to go out and recruit
celebrities to lobby congress to get money to fight a disease light AIDS
or cancer, and to some extent I still feel that way. However, last
night's show made it obvious that if you want funding, thats about the
only way to get it. SO, I'm glad to hear that MM has hired Nicole
Johnson. Maybe we can get a few more celebrities on the bandwagon.
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