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[IP] suggestions for mag (and anyone else interested)

I was just thinking, mag..of how it was when geneva first started pumping.

some suggestions:

first..the biggest mistakes that we made were thinking that we needed to do
a site change when geneva's night time numbers went real high.  like in the
300's.  she just happens to grow when she first hits the pillow.  if you
find that you have done all of the 'checks' and the pump is
functioning...insulin dripping out of the end...and it is the first day or
second day of your site...you may want to keep an eye on the high patterns.
we changed alot of site needlessly because it turned out that geneva needs
more insulin at night.

also...the endos will most likely set a correction target of higher than
what you did on injections.  this is nice in the beginning.  we had a target
of 150 and that way geneva did NOT have any real lows.  as we got more
comfortable, we reduced this to 135 and then into 110 area.  now we target
for 100 at fast/meal time.

geneva had her first pumping days at school when there was a field day.  she
would disconnect for several events.  it worked fine.  she does not
disconnect for PE or recess...despite playing very hard.  just eats one
lifesaver either before or after which raises her about 20 points.

be careful of over treating...on the pump, geneva does NOT need a full 15
carbs to bring her up sometimes.  (when she is around 80-90)

the last suggestion is to watch the carb ratio for food.  we started with
1:19 which worked GREAT on injections.  but with the pump, she is much more
insulin sensitive.
keep an eye on your levels two hours after eating.  if there is a big
drop..think about what you used for your ratio.  of course, in addition to
making sure that the basals are correct.

keep your logs and go back over them.  you will see patterns later that you
may have missed at the time.

one of the mistakes that I made in the beginning was to start messing with
one basal at a time.  I would have one hour different from the other and so
had alot of up down up down basals.  we are now on basals that last about 4
hours.  I work with those blocks of time when doing adjustments, rather than
one hourly basal.

recess at school is a big time for dropping.  geneva plays four square and
tag.  between 10 am and when she comes home from school...she runs on a low
basal  (0.2)...  maybe matt will have same situation.

I know that each kid is different.  just giving you some of our experiences
for the 'file'.

good luck!

mom to ten yr. old pumper since june

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