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[IP] New pumps

I got a funny call yesterday from my wife.  She found out about the MiniMed 
508 through one of her patients and called me about it.  Needless to say, 
she was very excited to tell me all about it but for me it was already too 
late, I had already seen the pictures!  Pretty sad, here I am working in 
accounting and I get to find out about all of the latest stuff before my 
wife, the CDE does.  Is there any way that both MiniMed and Disetronic 
could notify their trainers about their newest technology before their 
patients can find out?  Just got off of the phone with a Disetronic rep and 
she is a bit miffed about the delay of information as well.  She knows that 
there are two new pumps coming down the pipe line and yet she only found 
out through 'other' sources, not her own company.  Is this just bad 
marketing?  I know that in the computer world, you would hear about a new 
product months sometimes years before it is actually released.  That tends 
to get people pretty hyped up about it when it does come out.  I also know 
that when the warranties come up with old pumps, people are in the market 
again for new pumps.  My wife uses a Disetronic but wears the MiniMed quite 
often when training someone on that pump but is really thinking about 
switching because she can't find out what is coming up next from the D.
Jeff Fisher
email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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