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[IP] Low at night,parents & another perspective


I thought the same.  geneva is very sensitive to lows and so I don't really
worry too much about them in mid of night.  she will awaken when she hits 80

my concern was the other nights' highs due to no delivery.  that and because
she still has these unexplainable highs at midnight.  like lastnight.  no
reason whatsover!
went to bed (9 pm)  at 133 (for first time!) and at midnight check was 275.

>>     I would imagine that if I'd experienced a frightening episode or a
> seizure or had an athletic child whose delayed effects from the exercise
> could kick in overnight, I'd be much more wary>

geneva for the first time 'regarded' my advice to change her site yesterday
afternoon.   a good thing.  I have to think that our coaching 'sometimes'
works. there is that little event called consequences to behavior!

mom to ten yr. old, pumping/obstinant kid.

> > disregarded the "coach's" advice to change her site last night when she
> 325 at 10:00/ took 5 units by pen instead/ and then awoke at 5 am today at
> 315,feeling lousy, changed her site THEN, took another 5 units & awoke at
> 7:30 at 130!! As for me, I stayed under the covers, out of "range" of her
> VERY nasty mood swing!! LOL)

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