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Re: [IP] Pump Training (For Mag, kind of long).-Pam

Pam, thanks for your nice reply.  I do need all the encouragement i can get.  
Without this list, i don't even know if i would have gotten this far.  I 
requested the pump on Sept 12, received it in the mail on Oct 7th!!!!!  
Unbelievable so far.  I hope the pump training goes as well.  I am glad that 
i've had this long before training to get aquainted with "Huey"  and Matt and 
I already know how to bolus, and use the remote!!!!!!  I over heard Matt say 
to his friend just this morning "My mom is real good at the remote already, 
you should see her do a bolus, without even looking!"  That's enough 
encouragement right there!  Matt will come home from the pump training "live" 
so i imagine that day will be one to remember, i will keep everyone updated.

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