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[IP] Warning: test more than once

I am really ticked off at myself.  Sunday, after exercising and just before
dinner, I was at a great 94.  Ate a minimal about of carbs for dinner, and
bolused accordingly.  Two hours later, I test and was at 288!  I panicked.
Figured it must have been the protein/fat in dinner and bolused 3 units to
bring myself to an acceptable range.  Right after I started the bolus, I
thought I should test again just to be sure.  Next test came up 87.  Now I'm
really confused, so I test a third time, and now I'm at 78 - just as I get
my beep that my 3 unit bolus is complete!  Great, my blood sugar is going to
go down c. 150 points and I'm only in the 70-80 range. Start eating fast
acting carbs (keeping track of the numbers, of course) and eat 45 grams of
carbs.  This should replenish the 150 points I'm going to drop.  One hour
later, I'm at 52.  Eat some more fast acting carbs.  One hour, later
(bedtime) I'm back to 71 and confident that I'm in tolerable range to sleep.
Wait, it's not done yet.
Wake up at 3:00 a.m feeling pretty lousy. Test and I'm at 377! Not wanting
to make the same mistake, I test again.  Still 365.  So now I bolus 4.5
units and stay up the rest of the night watching to see if it's going to
come down to something acceptable. Monday morning, I'm at 116, but I've
eaten a whole bunch of c**p and used 7.5 units of insulin I didn't really
And I don't need this kind of trauma in my life.
So, I guess from now on I need to check every blood sugar twice.
Vicki McDonald

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