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[IP] Minimed and Miss America team up....

Miss America 1999 continues to raise diabetes awareness -
       MiniMed Inc. (Nasdaq:MNMD) announced today that it is partnering with 
Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, to continue her mission of diabetes 
awareness. Ms. Johnson will serve as an official spokesperson for the Company, 
speaking out on the importance of maintaining good glycemic control for the 
treatment of diabetes.
       "I am thrilled to be working with MiniMed, a world leader in diabetes 
management," Ms. Johnson said. "We are a perfect match because we both are 
filled with hope for a brighter tomorrow and, ultimately, a day without 
diabetes. However, until that day comes, we are dedicated to educating 
patients that diabetes doesn't have to control them, rather, they can control 
their diabetes."
       During her tenure as Miss America, Ms. Johnson addressed both the 
medical and patient communities with her platform, "Diabetes: Unmasking the 
Hidden Killer." This campaign, which emphasizes the importance of education, 
early diagnosis and recognizing effective treatments for the disease, will 
continue under Ms. Johnson's partnership with MiniMed.
       Ms. Johnson began pump therapy over two years ago, replacing her 
regimen of four to six insulin injections per day with MiniMed's external 
insulin pump, and has been an advocate of pump therapy ever since. "Wearing an 
insulin pump has changed my life in so many ways," Ms. Johnson, stated. "I 
would not have been able to fulfill my duties as Miss America without it. I 
traveled up to 20,000 miles a month and changed countless time zones in order 
to speak at medical conferences, hospitals and diabetes care centers. During 
this time, I realized that wearing a pump meant I could live well with 
diabetes. My pump gave me a precious gift, the gift of life and the power to 
take control of my disease."
       Ms. Johnson will represent MiniMed at various engagements throughout 
the United States and other countries. Ms. Johnson recently spoke to worldwide 
leaders in diabetes research and development at the European Association for 
the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference about the importance of maintaining 
good glycemic control. In addition to treating diabetes with pump therapy, Ms. 
Johnson points to the benefits of MiniMed's continuous glucose monitoring 
system, which provides physicians and patients with comprehensive data from 
which to treat diabetes. The sensor records up to 288 glucose measurements 
over a 24 hour period and is designed to be worn for three days."One of our 
biggest challenges is identifying low and high blood glucose excursions, 
especially at night," Ms. Johnson says. "In the near future, MiniMed's sensor 
will also include high and low glucose alarms, and, next year, the sensor 
system will display continuous readings on the screen. This information is 
desperately needed and is a dream come true for the 16 million people 
afflicted with diabetes."

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