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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

   Not to discount for one second what Michael has posted, but rather to 
offer another view. I have contact with lots of parents of kids with diabetes 
& the only other one I know of who checked her daughter religiously at 3:00 
every night was also the mom of a VERY active soccer playing teenager ( in 
fact she played on the boys' team) who had a history of erratic bg reactions, 
ever since her diagnosis as a toddler. In fact, that teen is now 3000 miles 
away, attending Stanford, right in Michael's neck of the woods! She has 
previously been away though, having spent 6 wks this summer with a researcher 
in Europe studying effects of insulin in the laboratory; so the mom has had 
to "untrain" herself from the 3 am check.
    I would imagine that if I'd experienced a frightening episode or a 
seizure or had an athletic child whose delayed effects from the exercise 
could kick in overnight, I'd be much more wary. As is, others have pointed 
out & we too have experienced, that just shopping at the mall causes a 
guaranteed low from all the "activity"! For now, Melissa does feel her lows & 
does awaken from them &  15 gms of juice IS sufficient to raise her 60 pts. 
So, as with all things D-related, YMMV...but I just wanted to present another 
side to the story for parents who may be feeling negligent or guilty at not 
doing the nightly 3 am checks. As someone pointed out in a Parents' Chat at 
ChildrenwithDiabetes, there are over 100 documented factors that can account 
for unexpected bg fluctuations- which makes me wonder how we manage to get it 
RIGHT as often as we do!!

Regards, Renee ( pump-coach for 3 1/2 yrs- whose almost 17 yr old "player" 
disregarded the "coach's" advice to change her site last night when she was 
325 at 10:00/ took 5 units by pen instead/ and then awoke at 5 am today at 
315,feeling lousy, changed her site THEN, took another 5 units & awoke at 
7:30 at 130!! As for me, I stayed under the covers, out of "range" of her 
VERY nasty mood swing!! LOL)
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