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[IP] college and diabetes

<when these kids go off to college...where do they put the insulin?  in a
<refridge in the dorm room?  these stupid things are so unreliable as far as
<temp. control.  I have actually had to throw out insulin because in a hotel
<fridge the damn thing froze!

hello! i am a college student (this is year number 5) and also a diabetic,
and i probably have had every concieveable thing happen to me over the
years... so if anyone has any worries about their kids going away...ask me!
as for the refrigerator thing, i put mine in the refrigerator in my dorm
room (and never had any problem) but there were other fridges as well,
throughout the dorm that were the normal "full size" ones.

Erinn (almost a pumper - December I hope!)

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