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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

> I checked geneva at midnight and her "no delivery alarm' was
> sounding.  was geneva hearing it?  NO
> was I?  NO
> turns out she ran out of insulin.  we are getting too complacent
> about the insulin lasting for four days.  usually we change every
> three...decided to go for four.  somehow..her cartridge went to
> nothing quite quickly. 

Lily once in a while will run out, usually she tosses 50 - 100 units 
when she changes her set. I prefer to waste a small amount each 
change than have a problem. Teen appetites vary so much that she may 
use 60 units one day and 100 the next. You just never know.

> this leads me to thinking about when g. goes off to college and she
> doesn't hear her no delivery alarms.  will the roommate? also..

Ya got me!

> you can be darn sure I will continue to do mid -night checks until
> somehow MM gets a new beeper that can wake us ALL up!

What we need is a continuous monitor with telemetry that will sound 
an alarm when a low occurs. The technology is almost there, the best 
looking is actually the work at Animas.

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