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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

> Also, I have found that if he's a bit low in
> the night and I give him just straight carbs, like you did, the
> sugar won't last.  

The glucose does not last with Lily either, but it is not meant to. 
The purpose is to compensate for the immediate low. If she is still 
dropping, I want to know that, not cover it up with a long lasting 
carb. There should be no reason for bg's to continue to drop. In the 
absence of knowing the reason why, I don't want to guess and be 
wrong. It is easier to follow the progress and stabalize as needed 
with short term carbs. If we know the reason, such as a bum dinner 
bolus, then it is fairly straightforward to calculate the needed carb 
intake based on the drop from dinner time and simply have a snack.

I've grown skeptical about guessing these things over the last few 

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